Too much clutter on your dressing table, leaving no storage space for your old polystyrene wig head?

Using your wig after it's hung on a hook for a week or been in a drawer, do you notice the shape is not as you bought it?

What you need is a hanger that

  • takes up minimal space
  • can be hung on a hook on the wall
  • can be hung on a rail in a wardrobe or closet
  • is easily assembled - and folds flat, ideal for travelling.

The Tomiin Wig Hanger is supplied in a handy organza bag which can be used for storage or travelling.

Why The Real Housewives of Atlanta is THE programme for wig parades

Tomiin Wig Hangers is pleased to support the Haematology Cancer Care Unit at University College London Hospitals by contributing a percentage of the sale of each wig hanger.